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Maso and Ads at The 2012 Logie Awards!

April 18, 2012


The boys are back!

After a busy year of media commitments, Maso and Ads return to what they do best; Drinking Baby John Burgess under the table at the Logie Awards.

Armed with only a pair of rented tuxedo’s, some cheap aftershave and a hip flask of bourbon hidden down their pants, Maso and Ads hit the red carpet at the 2012 Logie Awards to bring you all the behind the scenes stories nobody wanted to hear.

Find out what happened when Ads insulted the One Direction boys. Discover the real story behind “The Slap” (not the acclaimed drama, but the one Maso received from Dr Harry Cooper), and what the hell is all this talk of “Crop-dusting” at the Logies?

Find out all this and so much more in this very special “comeback” edition of “TV Dinner with Maso and Ads”!


Steve Jacobs attacked by pelican – 04/02/2010

February 4, 2010

Well folks, you asked for it, we provided it. Steve Jacobs was today attacked by a pelican during a weather broadcast while a room full of ‘TV Dinner’ fans stood and applauded.

Check out the hilarious video.

After the attack (which is no where near as vicious as any of us would have liked), Karl Stefanovic chips in with this piece of hilarity: “It’s not the first time you’ve been pinched in the butt by a bird”.
What does that even mean? Other giant birds have ‘pinched’ Jacobs in the butt and we just haven’t been privvy to it? Or is Karl one of those people that calls human females ‘birds’ and thinks its endearing? What is this? 1974? Got a big weekend planned with a couple of sheilas, Karl? Hey? Watch those birds don’t try to pick you up while you’re knocking them over the head with your club lock.

Stay tuned to ‘Today’ next week when we encourage Jacobs to wrestle Ian ‘Hewie’ Hewitson.