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TV Dinner With Maso and Ads Podcast #7 Is Here!

June 29, 2010

Podcast #7 of TV Dinner With Maso and Ads has been served and the buzz on the street has already begun:

The writers of the TV Show LOST say that Podcast #7, “provides many of the answers we couldn’t.”

Gordon Ramsey calls it, “A F@$king good show with two Sh#@house hosts.”

The producers of Underbelly describe Maso and Ads as, “Two tits we’d love to have on our show.”

Recently eliminated Masterchef contestant Joanne from NSW says that listening to Podcast #7, “Makes my face look like I’ve been sucking a bitter lemon.”

While Masterchef’s Matt Preston calls the Podcast simply, “Edible!”

But don’t take their word for it. Click on the link and check out TV Dinner with Maso and Ads Podcast #7 for yourself!


Bye Bye Bieber – Maso’s take on Bieber madness

April 26, 2010

Justin Bieber is a young Canadian kid (16 years of age) that has set teenage girls all across the world into fits of uncontrolled ga-ga. He’s a singer with ground-breaking thoughts on falling in love when he was thirteen, and talking to girls in the playground. He’s been playing his take on music to massive crowds, fueling the Bieber fire everywhere he goes.

Just recently our good friends at ‘Sunrise’ on Australia’s Channel Seven announced Bieber would be playing a free concert today, April 26, for all his Aussie fans. As word spread among female Twitter-savvy teens and tweens, massive crowds were to expected as his only Australian concert. So, in anticipation for the large numbers expected, Seven moved the concert to the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Sydney’s Circular Quay. This brought the fans out in droves, some coming from interstate, and many sleeping the night at the venue.

This morning I awoke to televised scenes of massive crowds gathered at Circular Quay. The footage was from a helicopter capturing the sea of people. The footage was on Channel Nine’s ‘Today’ program. They followed this with a pre-recorded interview Lisa Wilkinson held with Bieber, including a fascinating scene where she made him try Vegemite and Jaffas. Australian breakfast television at its finest.
At the conclusion of this interview I flicked over to Channel Seven and heard the news the concert had been cancelled, with Seven citing concerns from the police. Bieber fans had descended on Seven’s Martin Place headquarters, calling for their idol. After a considerable wait (and considerable mileage gained – particularly useful on this morning’s slow news day), Seven decided Bieber would be allowed to play. “Excellent! Everyone’s a winner,” I thought, including those poor ‘camped out all night kids’. They’ll have him play in Sydney’s Domain, or on an outdoor stage where the kids will be happy, radio reporters will be happy, Nine’s ‘Today’ will also get a slice of the pie, along with every other news source interested in ‘Bieber fever’. But oh no, Seven weren’t to be that accommodating.

“On the advice of police,” Seven were to allow Bieber to perform. Behind glass. His back to his fans. In Channel Seven’s studios! Wow! This is an almost perfectly crafted publicity stunt. Now, no footage of the concert can be obtained by any other news source unless via Seven (and for big bickies I assume!). Beautiful! Sure I feel for the kids that waited all night, and the kids that flew in from other states. But you have to admire the balls Seven has in creating a ratings bonanza.

And as for Bieber…well, meh…another day, another dollar, another playground sweetheart.


P.S. Podcast 5 is due for release very soon! Stay tuned!