TV Dinner Podcast 3 is Ready!

Summer non-ratings period has finished and the new year is upon us. A perfect time for Maso and Ads to make a blistering comeback with podcast 3!

Critics are already calling this their best episode yet, and it’s easy to see why. The boys take on the heavy subjects, like what really did happen on the finale of ALF? Why are all TV weather men so damn annoying? And why on earth is Maso wearing a bear suit in a sweltering hot studio?

Thanks to Sniv Whettuce

These questions and so much more will be answered in podcast 3 of TV Dinner with Maso and Ads.

P.S. Here’s a bit of ‘fan-art’ created by Sniv Whettuce. Hmm…the reference is a little obscure.

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5 Comments on “TV Dinner Podcast 3 is Ready!”

  1. Sniv Whettuce Says:

    Here’s an interesting tidbit, or bit-of-tid, depending on what school you went to: I once owned the syndication rights to the sitcom, Crikey! Who Sharted?, for four minutes. I won them and then lost them in consecutive hands of poker. So, there ya go.

  2. Dan [snatto gauro] Says:

    Hey guys just wanted to say thanks for the official Maso and Ads Paper Weight its gone straight to the pool room,podcast seems to be getting better each ep please keep them coming,also i assume you guys are responsible for Heart Break High returning to our screens on ABC3,id heard they were lobbied by some hard hitting media types,now it all makes sense.

    • Mason Hell-Cat Says:

      Very well deserved, Dan. Enjoy!

      With regards to ‘Heart Break High’, Ads and I actually lobbied for several months for ABC3 to re-screen the early-mid 80s classic ‘Secret Valley’ but to no avail. We have nothing to do with Dimitriades’ ugly mug returning to our screens, but thankfully he’s only in the first season! (woops…belated spoiler alert).

      Thanks for listening,

  3. Jason M Says:

    The Circle: Wait, hasn’t this been done already, The Catch Up? Either way, daytime TV seems to me to just be time filler in between depressing advertisements for funeral plans.

    Cooking shows: I love cooking shows, I hate cooking shows that turn it into a competition.

    Weathermen: I find most early morning TV personalities bland, desperately aiming for the middle ground as to not offend or provoke independent thought in their viewers. Weathermen on the other hand have a tough job of being “wacky” and “zany” without offending anyone. I would definitely chose Steve Jacobs to punch, but mostly for All Together Now.

    • Mason Hell-Cat Says:

      Thanks for listening Jason, and thanks for your comments.
      I’m on the phone to Steve Jacob’s manager now, trying to see if we can get this fight happening! For venue, I’m predicting he’ll suggest behind the girls toilets after school.

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