TV Dinner podcast 2 is now served!

Hi everyone,

After the resounding success of Podcast 1, Maso’ and Ads once again hit the airways to bring you the latest in televisual gossip.

In this podcast, everyone’s favourite commentators catch up with the effervescent Ray Martin, sink the slipper into KAK, question the worth of so-called ‘Celebrity Reporters’ (in exclamation marks!), ask if the return of ‘Hey Hey’ is really for the better, give a wrap up of all the important season finales, and provide a special community announcement for the Summer non-ratings period.

All this, plus some rather undergraduate theatrics on ‘TV Dinner with Maso’ and Ads’. Get it while it’s hot.

Maso’ and Ads.

P.S. All podcasts are now available via the iTunes network. Just do a search for ‘TV Dinner with Maso and Ads’. 

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One Comment on “TV Dinner podcast 2 is now served!”

  1. Mason Hell-Cat Says:

    Hi everyone,

    In this episode we ask whatever happened in the TV series finale of ‘A.L.F’.
    Well, thankfully, someone on Youtube has posted the final 2 minutes of footage. Check out what happened –

    This finale lead into the telle movie ‘Project A.L.F’. The very last scene of that movie can be seen here:

    Finally, we can sleep at night!

    Maso’ and Ads.

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